Watch: Illinois' New Adventure

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Enough Obama-related Illinois news is in the books. Oprah cried. It's over. Let's talk bands again!

Just beginning is the first installment Pennsylvania-based band Illinois' video saga of Kid Catastrophe. That's right, another campaign is already starting.

On the first Tuesday of the next six months, Illinois will release a new episode for The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe, with the role of Kid Catastrophe played by the band's own Chris “Arch” Archibald. The video was directed by People-Food, a Los Angeles based art collective specializing in zany film, theater, television and online content. While you were voting you missed the first episode, way to have construed priorities:

The song sans video:
Illinois, “Hang On”

Chapter 1 also includes an iTunes exclusive “Irish Whiskey,” which can be heard, along with “Trees” at Illnois' Myspace.

Oddly enough, there is no news of a release date for the album/video saga as a whole, possibly a CD/DVD package. These are strange new times of change, indeed.