Watch: Wzt Hearts, “Discuss Winter”

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“Whoa” says our inner Keanu Reeves as we wade into this Point Break of a video by Mark Brown. Baltimore natives Wzt Hearts are no strangers to a few waves, and there's a progression here from sound to visual that's almost primal. Heavy droning drums, whispers, echoes, pounding surf. Makes sense don't it? As if anything in the Wzt universe made sense. But look, it's turning green at the end.

“Discuss Winter” is also on the compilation Ambient Not Ambient out April 29 on Audio Dregs, which features other soundsters Lucky Dragons, White Rainbow, Smoke & Mirrors, etc. A whole CD full of stuff to pound itself into your head like the driving surf.

Ambient Not Ambient tracklist:

1. Awl – E*Vax
2. See And The Field Feels – White Rainbow
3. Study For A Sleep Album – 2nd Movement
4. Weird Boombox – Dania Shapes
5. Less Of Everything – Bird Show
6. To Valleys Of Beautiful Arson – Yellow Swans
7. Discuss Winter – Wzt Hearts
8. Nst – Sawako
9. Quiet Eyes – Grouper
10. Dayrise – The Nudge
11. Even As We Here – AM/PM
12. Ocean – Smoke & Mirrors
13. Exexpat – The Rock
14. Ante Meridian – Freeform
15. Whips & Jingles – Chris Herbert
16. Sayles Street Ok Ok – Lucky Dragons
17. Tuesday Partly Sunny – Valet