Wavvesy bedroom dude might be 13

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Natural Numbers: a high school algebra lesson and a dude from Indiana, probably in algebra as you read this.

It's hard to find much information about Natural Numbers but technically the corollary to this fuzzy pop punk isn't Wavves (though we wouldn't blame you for disagreeing) as it is Tiny Masters of Today. This is some really young kid making punk music without the parental mainlines to Karen O. Is it sometimes Weezer without all its guilty, self-loathing pubes grown in? Yeah. Then there's shit like “Don't Tell Me You Know”, that, in its Garage Band-fidelity, manages an aloof, textured distance with saw-toothy noise replacing conventional guitar stabs, against frantic screaming. Keep this guy away from a fancy recording studio, maybe he'll make a masterpiece someday. Also, check out the outro to “Her Open Heart”.

Download Natural Numbers, Ocean Ghost EP

Natural Numbers, “Don't Tell Me You Know

Natural Numbers, “Her Open Heart”