WTF: Jamie Foxx's new video features Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard

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(And Samuel L. Jackson, but y'know, that guy's bad ass).

People on the internet have developed an acronym for the phrase “what the fuck” in order to express shock, outrage and bewilderment in the blink of an eye. Never before has one needed this acronym more. WTF?! Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal? Hype Williams, the country's most successful rap music video director, can't even make Ron Howard look cool while exiting an automobile (for example, see the bald guy's funny grimace at 0:43). If I saw this collection of people next to me at a red light I would immediately call the police, because something would be horribly wrong. Let's just thank god there were no scenes with Ron Howard or Gyllenhaal dancing in the center of a circle of party-goers.

I also love how the guy on 106 & Park has to legitimize Howard's appearance by explaining to the crowd who he is. That said, during the time it took me to write this post I heard two cars drive by listening to “Blame It”, so I suppose America (or Brooklyn) likes this track as much as I do. Here is one of the thousands of remixes available for the song, this one featuring Young Jeezy, for your downloading pleasure.

Jamie Foxx, “Blame It” (Remix feat. Young Jeezy + T-Pain)

Download it here.

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While we're You-Tubing Jamie Foxx, check out this clip from the Emmit Smith roast that happened a while ago. You know, the one where Foxx completely annihilates Doug Williams on stage and humiliates him until he is visibly on the verge of crying? You don't? Well, allow me!