Zack is Back!

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How did we miss this?

Rumors of a Zack De La Rocha solo album circulated into the Bermuda Triangle territory that keeps Dr. Dre's Detox and Chinese Democracy from our grips, even when a DJ Shadow-produced single made the rounds umpteen million years ago, it gave us hope for life after the Rage simmered.

This is not the solo chef d'oeuvre featuring production from Trent Reznor and El-p we all felt owed, but it is an EP with Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore and was Mixed by Mario C, who blessed us with Hello Nasty ten years ago from Tuesday. Hopefully Theodore's track record (Will Oldham, Trans AM, HiM) will rub off on our beloved microphone fiend for the better. The duo signed with Anti- merely 17 days ago, so skepticism is natural with an EP finished in record time. I, for one, say we listen with open ears and hearts simply because the name, One Day As A Lion, is pretty rad.

The five songs to soundtrack your day as king of the jungle:
1. Wild International
2. Ocean View
3. Last Letter
4. If You Fear Dying
5. One Day As A Lion

Hear “Wild International” now.
Look for One Day As A Lion available July 22 on Anti-Records.