Week in Pop: Night Shapes, Roz & the Rice Cakes, Self Care

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Spooky Cool

The latest from Richmond, VA’s Spooky Cool; press photo courtesy of the band.

With Richmond, VA reigning as the new pop cultural oasis here in the states, we introduce you all to Spooky Cool who are preparing a debut EP titled Every Thing Ever slated for release in spring 2018, with the world premiere of the single “Strange Rooms”. Founded around 2015 by Zac Hryciak with Paula Lavalle, Zavi Harman, Lee Spratley & Sean Williams; Spooky Cool embraces the alchemy aspects of audio composition with unexpected attitudes that allow for a natural manner of expression to take flight. Breaking through the veils of the strange & surreal, Spooky Cool strives for a direct form of creative communication that seeks to break through the static & dissonant barriers that often keep the most expressive exchanges stayed at bay.
“Strange Rooms” starts off with scientifically sequenced guitar progressions that takes on the head over heels physics of fond feelings for one another & others. The intricacies of amour & the longings that lie in between abound in builds, breaks, bridges & valleys that blend delivery harmonies & chord melodies together in rich ties of beguiling pop textures. Spooky Cool investigates the odd avenues, hectic houses to their “Strange Rooms” & even stranger inhabitants that make the situation even more elaborate. Diving head first into a curious case of cross-wire affections gone awry, Spooky Cool keeps their collective cool while maintaining honesty & innocence in between a blistering blast-field of fuzz guitar that forwards the group’s harmonies & wild blaze of electric chord-choruses that comprise the song’s own atmospheric ecosystem.

Spooky Cool introduced their debut EP Every Thing Ever & “Strange Rooms” single with the following exclusive insights:

Every Thing Ever was written in the midst of an existential breakdown which was simultaneously monumental and truly inconsequential. The first single, “Strange Rooms”, is about rejection or at least about the rejection of an idea, my preconceived notion of another person. I was having trouble with all of reality because I was trying to mold it. For instance, imagining a conversation with someone before you have it. Acceptance of the true nature and flow of existence was the path I had to follow to climb out of my emotional plight and this song was the first step towards some form of contentment. The rest of the record delves deep into my nightmares, which at the time were pretty fucking gnarly if you ask me.

Catch Spooky Cool via the following upcoming show dates:
12 at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn w/ BOMBZ, Five of the Eyes, and Debbie Downer
13 at The Gateway in Brooklyn w/ Hammydown and Pollens
28 at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in Richmond, VA w/ Private Cry, Angelica Garcia, and Blush Face