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The Fatty Acids

Sneaking up on The Fatty Acids; press photo courtesy of the band.

The family and friends of The Fatty Acids present the following world premiere for their “Digested” video, edited by Cole Quamme & featuring special effects from Wes Tank. The slacker with style sound from the Acids is complimented with home video imagery that provides you with classic visuals to enjoy while your most recent meal digests. The sound of constant surprises & lively arrangements are coupled with correlating shots involving follies, fails & a whole lotta fun that will remind you how carefree & exciting growing up really was.
“Digested” is like a trip through the way-back machine to the simpler days of yesterday where everything felt like xmas morning & DIY stop-action & skate films were the order of the day. In between are embarassing family moments, window shopping wish lists, early instrumental introductions, toy time & all around goofing off showcase the times to be cherished that are often glossed over & forgotten as time carries on. The Fatty Acids exhibit both the awesome & the awkward together in one edited presentation where the group’s own sweet sound of sonic inventions & nostalgia pangs push their creative conceptions to levels that bring yesterday closer to the beckon & call of tomorrow’s trends. Find this on Dogs of Entertainment from Forged Artifacts/Gloss Records & enjoy the debut of “Digested” now.

We present the following commentary provided from The Fatty Acid’s own director (and drummer) Cole Quamme & Josh Evert:

Cole Quamme:

Using home movies to create a found footage type music video has always been on the back of our minds.

Josh Evert

“Digested” was a great song to experiment with this medium, since the lyrics are about growing up in America and the forces that have affected us. It blends metaphors of Uncle Sam, high school bullies and relationships with friends and family. Similarly, the footage presents us with ambiguous characters and we aren’t sure of anyone’s motives.

Cole Quamme:

Dusting off these old VHS tapes was definitely a trip down memory lane, also a glimpse into the the lives and upbringing of the bandmates.
The real charm of the home movies (prior to the smartphone boom) is the linear nature tapes provide. Letting scenes breathe, using as many in-camera edits as possible, not applying digital effects (only analog), and not over-cutting the footage helped keep that feeling of an intimate video-taped world.

The Fatty Acids’ Dogs of Entertainment is available now from Forged Artifacts/Gloss Records.