This week we learned that Kanye wants to build theme parks, then Kim Kardashian 'leaked' some side boob, and Trash Talk is aligning vibes with the OFWGKTA dudes with their signing to Odd Future Records. Here are many other moments from your week in pop singles, in no particular order.

For our East Bay readers, we got two tickets to Sophia Knapp's show at The New Parish in Oakland for Sunday, June 10 to the 5th person who e-mails me the name of Sophia's new solo album out now Drag City. Send away.

Also look out for Delicate Steve performing public listening installation/scavenger hunt going on this weekend in NYC via locations disclosed on Steve's website. Scattered around 10 spots in Brooklyn and Manhattan are playbutton devices that house any one of the ten songs from D. Steve's  Positive Force. Amid all the button hunting there will also be a 'Delicate Cheese' grilled cheese sandwiches out of the NYPD Van converted into a food truck. Tonight, June  you can catch Delicate Steve at Terminal 5 with tUne-yArds before he takes off with Yeasayer for a summer tour.

NYC also rejoice because Vans House Parties just anounced a most triumphant return to restore summer vibes with The House of Vans posting up shop at 25 Franklin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for the second year with performances slated from The Rapture, Tanlines bros, Dave P and more on June 20. More artists TBA  for further shows on July 12, July 26, August 2, August 16 and August 29. Be there.

Icelandic collective Múm will release a collection of 15 songs called Early Birds of lost and rare demos taken from from their humble beginnings. Coming this June from from Morr Music , these beautiful recordings were made by Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason between 1998 and 2000 for themselves as adventures in electronic stereo. These experiments go from scientific to effervescent, as you will hear from the following tracks "Lalalala Blái Hnötturinn," and "Hvernig Á Að Særa Vini Sína."

New singles dropped this week from the upcoming Indian Wells album Night Drops coming in June from Bad Panda. First, "Wimbleton 1980" is the tennis-centric (or 'Tennistronic' as their Soundcloud describes) track that you can play for the non-believers who say audio sampling is devoid of art and class. Like a found audio tape or Super 8 from 1980, the track's movement and atmosphere move around the courtside commentary and percussive tennis ball collisions that dot the entire experience, while all the while working as a metronome.

"Deuce" is an experiment in adjusting key frequencies, keyboard momentum, and dance approved backbeats, and features crazed synthesized oboe tones that will drive you mad.

XV has been dropping freestyles at the blink of an eye this week, so we begin things of with "Tappin' Out", with a razor sharp flow over DJ Spinz' beat from "Cashin' Out" made originally for MC Cash Out.

Next, we got  XV repping the 316 with another slick freestyle, this time over Kendrick Lamar’s “The Recipe" with “Stone Cold.” Much love to Wichita, KS, XV gives us a litsten from his new mixtape Popular Culture which hits the shops June 16 as an appetizer before his Awesome EP gets released on June 26.

Olympia, WA's Broken Water burst the embryonic sac and released Tempest this week on Hardly Art. You have rocked out to their single "Drown," previwed the album art and now you can own your copy and preview the latest single "Underground", the epitome of everything you love about words like dream and noise.

Tampa, Florida's Merchandise dropped a killer cut on us this week with "Time." From Carson Cox's hard time with punkers Cult Ritual and Neon Blud, the result is nothing short of the ethereal, perpetual sunrise summated in the dream landscapes of Roland TR909 metrics of rhythm.  Download your copy of Merchandise's new and already sold out LP Children of Desire here courtesy of Katorga Works.

Hot As Sun gets the Tokyo Police Club remix treatment of "Come Come." The single dropped this week from Last Gang Records and listen to the latitude-altering remix here for your ride to da club soundtrack.

Apollo Brown & OC released the track "The Biggest Loser" this week where words of wisdom and warning are imparted: "the biggest loser is when you nod and fall asleep and life passes you by." Carpe diem is preached against the face of apathy while Apollo provides some keys with the classic Pat Benatar "We are strong, heartarche to heartache, we stand" vocal sample. Get a listen to their album Trophies, out now through the Mello Music Group.

And here is the latest installment from Blouse's residency at Room 205 with "Time Travel." Thank director Paul Steck for the circling visual that spins around presenting the band as if in a whirlpool of sonic cool.

Catch up with Theophilus London as he brings you behind the scenes and into the studios as he records an upcoming track called "Lisa." The track will appear on Mr. London's upcoming mixtape Rose Island Vol. 1 scheduled for release next week. Check local listings for his tour dates in June with Santigold.

Julia Holter released the video for "Our Sorrows" from her excellent album Ekstasis from RVNG. With help from Naomi Yang (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi), follow Julia as she unspools ribbon traveling from her house, to Union Station, and around LA before reaching the forest where she wraps the pink ribbon around the trees, connecting them as she sings them her sorrows. The trees, in turn, provide a certain earthly comfort.

Shadowbox dropped their track "AM" remixed by fellow Brooklynite Chrome Canyons. The Canyons have been busy remixing up a storm and here they provide those ever popular keys designed to illuminate freeway road signs in pastel neon lights. Look for Shadowbox's Haunted By Colors EP coming July 24 on Pictures Music.

Catch the video for "Call to Be" from Akron/Family drummer Dana Janssen's solo project Dana Buoy. As if jogging's rewards were not futile enough, Dana runs to his big, keyboard-forward track, while chasing a girl with no interest in the good man's benign advances – let alone his pro-cardiovascular health activities. Sad, true, and emblematic of the world of dating in the age of connected disconnection. You can find Dana's album Summer Bodies out now on Lefse.

Dent May gets into a skanking groove on "Home Groan" from his upcoming album Do Things. You have to love his honest-to-goodness confessional shrugs. "I don't really want to move to Southern California, I wasn't really meant for LA, then New York City just ain't my style so this town is where I guess I will stay." Dent is home-loving dude who shares the sentiments from his keen keyboard clicks of many who appreciate the slower pace and softer side of life, love, and plopping down on the porchside easy chair. For further reading check out our Dent May interview and look for Do Things June 12 from Paw Tracks.

Silver Jews released this home recorded single, "Secret Knowledge of Back Roads." Leave it to Berman and company to prove that you don't need that expensive studio sound to make a boss track. Look for their album Early Times June 19 on Drag City.

Destroyer's track "3,000 Flowers" comes to you like 3,000 moments ripped directly from your favorite underground scenes from the past four decades and rolled into one beautiful concoction. If you missed Kaputt somehow, we encourage you with whole hearts to get a copy of  Destroyer Rubies out now on Merge Records.

Okay, so I know you are probably thinking this new Balam Acab single "Ass Pop" is so 24 hours ago but you would be damned dead to the senses if you have no response to what is self-described as “STOMACH BUBBLE FAKE TRAP.” Given the cloud-y directions heard recently from Blissed Out and Green Ova boy Shady Blaze's project Blazed Out, we welcome the latest trap-ist street bubble bounce from Mr. Alec Koone.

Gang Colours released the video for "To Repel Ghosts," bringing some ambience and animated drawings to the table with this one off of The Keychain Collection from Brownswood Recordings.

Because how can we resist to hear more from Ty Segall and his newly ordained and official Ty Segall Band? Here we get a listen to "I Bought My Eyes" where he starts off soft with hints of big things to come when he says "-my eyes went worthless and now I'll never see you," followed by a few 'woo woos' before Ty, Mikal, Charlie and Emily Rose kick into that high gear that you love them all for. The Ty Segall Band will release Slaughterhouse June 26 from In the Red.

Stereolab/Monade founder Laetitia Sadier gave us "Find Me the Pulse of the Universe" from her upcoming album Silencio. The Franco neo-nouvelle vague Sadier makes the kind of music that makes you feel like loved, in the sense of being wrapped in the cocoon of a hundred security blankets. Silcencio comes out July 24 on Drag City.

Seen sharing last year's Darkbloom with Grimes and making electronic devotionals like Palinopsia a few years back is d'Eon with a full-length double album titled LP. We listened to "Al-Qiyamah" the other week with much love, as we welcome his album LP this June 5 on Hippos in Tanks. Begin first with d'Eon's blissful beat, "Now You Do."

Now enjoy d'Eon's "Transparency Pt. II"where he brings the emotion with "Why can't I be free from all the things I don't give a fuck about?", laying all of his cares, un-cares, and love all out to dry.

We bring you another cut from Illmaculate's album Skrill Talk with "How Do You Do That" featuring Wu Tang member Inspectah Deck & OnlyOne with production by Sandpeople crew mate, Sapient. Having returned from a month long European tour, Ill must be stoked to be heading back to his native Portland for an album release party homecoming back in the 503.

For an acoustic break we recomend Patrick Watson's single "Words in the Fire." For more good picking check out his album Adventures In Your Own Backyard, available now from Domino Records.

Also from Domino Records, Dan Deacon is working on his upcoming album America due August 27 and shared the single "Lots" with us all today. Tapping into Cormac McCarthy's The Road and the Deak bringing in 'lots' of sensory and lots of levels. Listen for yourself and tell your friends.

Onry Ozzborn and Zavala of Dark Time Sunshine dropped this following video where they discuss the making of their new album ANX set for release July 24 from Fake Four Inc. It features stories about work, with producer Jack Rylands placing microphones everywhere – on the dog, in the bathroom, and interrupting a session to record a blizzard.

Get a listen from Matthew Dear's upcoming album Beams coming August 27 from Ghostly International. Some people make dance music based on the universal appeal but I am convinced Matthew's involvement in the EDM trade extends toward the music he would want to hear on the world's ballroom stage floor, and locates it only within his own heart. For this reason and many others is why Mr. Dear's music will always have a place in my heart. On the new track "Her Fantasy", Matthew indulges in his sentimental side as the mechanical samples get smoothed over by slick sustains of keys and disco synth presets, and wait for what sounds like a tugboat horn tone matched at the finale.

Blues Control dropped the video for "Love's a Rondo" that will no doubt inspire impromptu dancing along steps of Wall Street. With footage of Tarik Davidson, aka Allstar the MTA Mime performing interpretive dance for the opening track; director Tara Sinn used locales in Battery Park and NYC's Financial District all in one Saturday afternoon with no rehearsal. Everything is in response to the free wheeling jazz of Lea Cho and Russ Waterhouse who will release Valley Tangents June 19 on Drag City.

Nouela released the single "Suckers". Recorded with the green room glow of a choir rehearsal room, the acoustic piano heavy song expresses the heart's gullibility as maybe even more than 'suckers for sorrow' but perhaps gluttons for the great without. For  Her album Chants comes out June 12 from The Control Group.

Surely you trendsters have heard the collab of the summer with Blood Diamonds producing Grimes as she gets metaphysical in the upccoming Phone Sex 12" coming July 24 in the US and July 16 in the UK through 4AD. With some tin drum sound clips,a club friendly structure that makes it easy to bump next to a Gaga track to keep the crowd happy enough but still keeping it alt enough to have the grave wave set(sect?) doing the wallflower two step.

And to start your weekend off right here is a limited time stream of Curren$y's new album Stoned Immaculate, coming out June 5 via iTunes and everywhere. Enjoy everybody.