A Sit Down With Brooke Van Poppelen

This fall, comedian extraordinaire Brooke Van Poppelen released her very first comedy album, entitled Hard Feelings. Almost immediately, that sucker hit #1 on iTunes, and

On the Couch With Brian Posehn

On his new album, Criminally Posehn, Brian Posehn talks about strip clubs, man boobs, and drugs. He even incorporates metal. For most Posehn fans, this

On The Couch With Andree Vermuelen

Buddy cop comedies have recently been redeemed from the likes of Paul Blart with refreshing takes on the genre – think of Melissa McCarthy’s tough-as-nails

Brandon Wardell

On the Couch with Brandon Wardell

During the course of our brief session, the patient distanced himself from a previous comedy album by highlighting how young he was then. He’s currently

John Hodgman

On The Couch with John Hodgman

The subject today is a man who wears many hats. And although his livelihood depends on making people laugh, his costumes and characters are often

Mary Houlihan

On The Couch with Mary Houlihan

What do you get when you cross Charlotte Moorman with Maria Bamford? If either of those performers could also paint, you might get something that

Jake Fogelnest

On The Couch with Jake Fogelnest

Today’s subject is somewhat of a child prodigy in the comedy world. Unlike many young actors forced into the profession from overbearing, grueling “stage parents,”