Friends Records has been collecting songs since the beginning of 2011, and the result is a 30 song compilation full of new and exclusive tracks from Baltimore, Maryland. The compilation was mastered for cassette by Rob Giradi at Lord Baltimore, and the artwork for the double-tape packaging comes compliments of Will Pesta. Friends Records 2011 came out on Thanksgiving Day and is offered as a free digital download or limited double-cassette release.

The track list of this annual affair boasts a hefty supply of Baltimore heroes, with an unreleased Future Islands song recorded for KEXP, a recently recorded Dan Deacon track, the debut of Jenn Wasner's (Wye Oak) Flock of Dimes, new explorations by Jason Urick, a stark reminder of the return of Oxes, a lost gem from Dustin Wong and Molly Siegel of Ponytail, a new-anything wonder from Matt Papich's Co La, and more. 
It also sports an Arthur Russell cover by Soft Cat, fresh digs from Holy Ghost Party, a hearty dose of sugar by Will Pesta's Inflatable Mattress, a new live jam from Lands and Peoples, some exclusive hard-nosed tomfoolery from Witch Hat, another psychedelic gift from Secret Mountains, and a lot more. Check out the entire track list below.
Side A 
Celebration - Sure Shot 4.37 
Future Islands - Tomorrow (Live @ KEXP) 3:31 
Weekends - Basement Fuzz 2:08 
Microkingdom - God's Total Woman 5:28 
Moss Of Aura - Post 4:22 
Jason Urick - Woman (For Jah Shaka) 6:58 
Side B 
Oxes - Hiawatha (Live @ WNUR) 4:51 
Witch Hat - Break Interstate Park 5:28 
Violet Hour - Absence Of Limbs 5:47 
Sri Aurobindo - No Coincidence 3:29 
Lonnie Walker - Inside Factories 3:49 
Height With Friends - Mustard Seed 2:08 
Side C 
Soft Cat - This Is How We Walk On The Moon 3:36 
Lands and Peoples - Memo (Live) 3:35 
Flock Of Dimes - Prison Bride 2:54 
Beth Varden - I Can't Stand 5:59 
Brian Adam Ant - Psychic Assassins 2:23 
Secret Mountains - Weepy Little Fingers 6:18 
Buhloones - Something Else Exchange 2:13 
Holy Ghost Party - Breakfast 3:26 
Beyond Say - Bowl Of Water Moccassins 3:37 
Side D 
Dan Deacon - The Token Circle High 1:23 
Co La - Visions Of Excess (Wet Version) 6:26 
Jake Lingan - Hair Trigger 3;42 
Vlonde - Love Theme 4:55 
Avocado Happy Hour - Tactic 4:19 
Dustin Wong and Molly Siegel - Untitled 1:52 
Chase O'Hara and Amy Reid - Love You In Summer 2:43 
Inflatable Mattress - Fantasy Motorboat 2:22 
Neal Reinalda - Sunset In Baltimore 5:10
Get the double-cassette or free digital download right here.