Big Sandwich, “Donut Daze”


Why release one tape when you can release twelve?


Ari Spool | December 13, 2011

Teen River

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Kids in Chicago can't seem to stop registering URLs, and from their manic tape label creationism we get a new product, Teen River. If you like mail-order, these dudes are your main dudes. They decided to release twelve tapes at once as their first “batch”, which is obviously a perfectly normal, not-insane thing to do. (They also have funny jokes on that tumblr, like a claim that they are re-releasing Alanis Morrisette's Live in the Navajo Nation.) This track comes from TR03, a band going by the really inspirational name of Big Sandwich. “Donut Daze” is a two-alarm chugger, passing down the rails hand-over-hand into the depths of psychedelic chump pumps with extra jangle. Making me hungry.

Big Sandwich, “Donut Daze”

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