Blake Gillespie

Brainstorm Heat Waves

Portland, Oregon's experimental pop troupe BRAINSTORM sought the sound expertise of Robby Moncrief to direct their Heat Waves LP. Given his resume of Bitte Orca and Ganglians' Still Living, Moncrief was well equiped to reel in BRAINSTORM's cumbia meets, African riddims, meets the vast umbrella of art pop stylings. The Northwest trio are lively and communal on Heat Waves, with plenty of chant-along songs that will get you off your rump much like Janka Nabay and his cohorts might. BRAINSTORM have that intangible movement factor a body can't deny when shimmering guitars rest atop a heavy backbeat.

From Sahel Sounds to BRAINSTORM, Portland is utterly twitterpeeted with western Africa. Paul McCartney might have traveled to a neighboring town to learn a chord, but Portland is on another level with its journey for influence. There is never a dull moment on Heat Waves. From tuba blurts that will transplant you to Bourbon Street, to dancey rhythms that will have pushin' up ya lightas, BRAINSTORM are the life of the party.

BRAINSTORM's Heat Waves is out October 2 on Tender Loving Empire.

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