Denham, “No Presh”


A Heartfelt Dedication


Virginia Croft | December 18, 2017

New York City-based electronic artist DENHAM is proving her chops on her latest release. “No Presh” takes off at a steady pace, bubbling up to its chorus, oozing desire and a yearning for more. It’s a cat and mouse game of will they/won’t they, tiptoeing around falling into the rabbit hole of love, made accessible by punchy synths and perfectly stacked vocal harmonies.

Behind DENHAM is Helen Denham, creating stunning tracks glazed in R&B and chill-wave influences. Aside from her incredible musical work, Denham is working to make a difference for women, as a member of UN Women and as an activist for ending violence against women. Most recently, she performed for a “Womankind” Gala at the Intrepid Air & Space Museum. Keep an eye on DENHAM for more empowering tracks and uplifting social work.

You can keep up with DENHAM here.

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