Fine Steps' optimum jangle


Ex-Mayyors drummer enlists the help of a couple Ganglians for a new band.


Blake Gillespie | October 25, 2011

Fine Steps

It's a heavy bummer that Sacramento's seminal heroes Mayyors are no more. There's less noise coming from basements, living rooms and backyards these days. Ex-drummer and math teacher to teenagers, Julian Elorduy writes'em in the directional opposite of the Mayyors' grit. His Fine Steps project is jangly and sweet, thanks to a little help from Alex Soles and Kyle Hoover of Ganglians. On “Tomorrow For All Of Today” Elorduy sings with a preppy deadpan affectation, while the Ganglian dudes pull the sonic terrain towards surfer tones that let the sunshine in through the classroom windows.

With Ganglians on tour Fine Steps is on a bit of a hiatus, but hopefully this is a fine introduction into another great Sacramento band. As of today, a Fine Steps record is being self-released on vinyl, but here's hoping as word gets out that a label snags the masters for a proper release.

Fine Steps, “Tomorrow For All Of Today”

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