Little Girls' magic “Delaware” song


Transporting you to the land of Dover and corporate tax breaks with some new wave guitar.


Jeremy Krinsley | June 8, 2010

little girls solo music

Little Girls. Photo by Brittany Shepherd.

Time for some baritone pipes.

Toronto's Little Girls has penned a track named after the most quotable line in the Wayne's World franchise, and we're going to assume it's because they have also created a way to transport themselves at will to the state of Delaware, though with them it isn't with a huge screen, but instead a crunchified Joy Division ode with a guest spot from one Andrew Wilson, who we'll assume is not the older brother of Owen and Luke but instead one of the former members of the band, as the MySpace indicates.

Little Girls, “Delaware”

The track is available on a new Sixteen Tambourines 7-inch which includes a cover of Beach House's “10 Mile Stereo” on the B-side. You can also order a limited run of the 7-inch coupled with a seven song cassette by the band, here.

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