Lulu Lewis, “All Just Pretending”

Elizabeth Schneider

The Harlem-based band Lulu Lewis (Dylan Hundley, Pablo Martin, Jay Mumford, Walter Baker, and William Harvey) has released their new single “All Just Pretending”. With a melody reminiscent of the 60’s, Lulu Lewis has created a sound that is both familiar and fresh in modern production. It’s the lyrics that are a punch in the gut:

“I don’t need a pimp at all/I can do this on my own,”
I don’t need a shill anymore/I can do it on my own.”
“I used to be my worst enemy/Now I have worse enemies than myself.”

Lead singer Dylan Hundley sings the words with authority and conviction that is necessary for the message of this song. “… the ensemble puts forth an anthem for not only women, but for all groups who fall subject to discrimination for being merely, who they are. Depicting a triumph in claiming oneself and making art, music and a life of integrity without having to ask for anyone’s permission.” With “All Just Pretending”, Lulu Lewis gives a voice to those who might have been silent.

Keep up with Lulu Lewis here.

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