Many Arms, “Rising Artifacts in a Five-Point Field”


Not for the faint of skronk.


Ari Spool | January 9, 2012

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This song by Philadelphia's Many Arms begins with level-five, red-alert, high-energy guitar squeals fighting to get through the trio's mass of bubbling bass lines and jumping drums. This blending of free-form jazz and experimental rock is rarely committed successfully to tape (it's kinda “you had to be there, freaking out and shaking your hair around”), but Many Arms transmit the energy required in their March release on John Zorn's Tzadzik Records. The track rings in at 13:02 and it is a committed listen, ranging through a series of different clauses, alternately screeching, almost punishingly. Force your little brother in jazz band to listen to it and watch his eyes go wide, and at the end he will softly murmur, “Sweet.”

Many Arms, “Rising Artifacts in a Five-Point Field”

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