Pelt Part Wild Gate, “Side B”


A legendary live gamelan performance between three noise masters.


Dayna Evans | November 5, 2013

pelt part wild gate

When three musical entities join to form one, there is always a risk that their styles won't be compatible or that the result will sound pasted together from their disparate individual tastes. In the case of Pelt Part Wild Gate—a collaboration between Pelt, Gate, and Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides—the result couldn't possibly feel more organic. During the Tusk Festival at Newcastle on an October Sunday of last year, the three noise artists came together to perform a freeform composition with a gamelan, a basis for a large margin of noise composers' work, as well as traditional composers like Debussy and Satie. We have the exclusive stream of side B below and though the recordings are taken from live performance, they are just as transfixing presented alone or together—the LP, which will come in limited edition 300 print and is titled Hung On Sunday, is both calming and challenging, and will put you in a deep trance. One of the most stunning collaborations we've heard of late.

You can pick up a copy of Hung On Sunday through MIE on November 25. For more words from Michael Morley (aka Gate, and a member of The Dead C), head here to read his editorial on the volume of images.

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