Silver Fox, “Arosa”


Soft-lulling melodies for rainy and sunny days alike.


Dayna Evans | November 1, 2013

silver fox

Full to the tilt with lovely harmonies, expressive echoes, and punctuating drums, Silver Fox's debut single, “Arosa”, has elements of both surf and indiepop. The sweetness on the track is so omnipresent that it reminds of early K Records releases, using that off-kilter, slightly off-rhythm charm that feels buried in the bedroom but welcome in the limelight. The highlight of “Arosa” is on the repeated “I know, I know, I know” harmonies that get caught in an over-and-over pattern in your head. The track never bubbles above its simple melodies, giving it a Raincoats lilt without the distortion pedals.

You can stream “Arosa” below, then pick up Silver Fox's debut self-titled record on Upset The Rhythm on November 18.

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