Stream: Isaiah Toothtaker & Rapewolf's Rob Zombie

Blake Gillespie

Isaiah Toothtaker Rapewolf, Rob Zombie

Photo by Valerie Jocelyn Bower

Isaiah Toothtaker and Rapewolf have teamed up with one of rap's most talked about producers, Harry Fraud, for a five-song EP of funereal rap, entitled Rob Zombie. Both rappers digress with solo tracks, Rapewolf's “Realest Shit I Error Wrote” and Isaiah's “Sorry 4 The Trouble”, and spend the remaining three trading verses over Fraud's chilling organs and orchestra haunts. On “Sorry 4 The Trouble”, Fraud manages to soften Toothtaker's demeanor enough to sentimentalize his feelings for his twin children. Toothtaker's career is built upon writing the realest shit, but “Sorry 4 The Trouble” trims the fat of posturing, leaving him apologetic to his offspring, who based on the video are turning out fine.

Despite its brevity Rob Zombie crosses several thresholds in a 14-minute duration. Harry Fraud makes Coldplay tolerable in ways Jay-Z and Kanye were never able to overcome by appropriately sampling “A Rush Of Blood To The Head” on “Burn It Down”. Rapping together Rapewolf and Isaiah Toothtaker are like the Double Dragon brothers to beats, with plenty of threats issued and beat downs guaranteed. It requires a certain level of tolerance to look past Rapewolf's rap moniker and the confusion that comes with head banger hair and n-bombs, but on Rob Zombie he's right at home in la musica de Harry Fraud. It's as though they share a kinship in hairstyles (assuming Fraud hasn't cut his locks) and production aethetic. On “The Difference” Isaiah offers a sermon that summarizes his Machina Muerte crew as he orates, “we're not cut from the same cloth, not even use similar scissors”.

Rob Zombie is available for free download at the group's Bandcamp via Machina Muerte.

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