Bass Drum of Death sign to Fat Possum


A grammatically confusing statement, to be sure.


Adam Sammons | February 23, 2011

Press photo

Press photo

Bass Drum of Death are two piece garage-rock band from Mississippi that sing about drugs, panic attacks and trying to hook up with religious girls… the usual mischievous rock n' roller living in a small town deal. There is certainly nothing new about their sound but that's not really a bad thing. I imagine them playing a drunken set with The Strange Boys and The Smith Westerns at a biker bar in rural Texas. The kind of show where you and your friends stumble home afterwards singing the songs aloud. Recording the entire album with a USB microphone and computer, Bass Drum of Death plan to release their debut GB City April 12 on Fat Possum alongside The Black Keys, Dinosaur Jr., and the late Jay Reatard.

Check out their new single “Young Pros” from GB City:

Bass Drum of Death, “Young Pros”

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