ZS release SCORE Remixed; curate your own mixes on interactive website


A nifty new project for the artistically inclined.


October 31, 2013


ZS epic boxset, SCORE: The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007, released last year on Northern Spy Records, and now, as a gift to fans, you can do something new and interesting with it. After the release of SCORE, ZS went to four different cities and performed remixes of the boxset, which are now hosted on a to.be site for your listening pleasure, as well as your artistic input. You can unlock the potential of SCORE by visiting this link, and as Northern Spy explains it,

“Zoom, scroll, or hover over the image to find more tracks. If you like the look, sign into to.be and remix it visually or add your own ZS remix by 'pulling' a field. Tweet it at us (@northernspyrecs) with the hashtag #ZScore and we'll rep it online. Even print your own ZS shirts and posters!”

The future is now and ZS is here to support it.

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