Marnie Stern confessional


Devastating love, Best Coast trash talk, and maybe some selling out.


Georgia Kral | September 7, 2010

marnie stern portrait

Marnie Stern. Photo by David Torch.

Marnie Stern has been heralded as a female guitar god, but don’t pin that on her. A born and raised city girl, Stern lives on the upper east side and conducts her interviews up there, too. On a nice, sunny August day I met Stern at Molly Pitcher’s Ale House to discuss her new album, Marnie Stern, out October 5 on Kill Rock Stars. As conversations can do, this one turned inward, with Stern coming clean about everything from her difficulties with writing melody to her love life. Cue the devastating story behind the single, “For Ash,” a bit of Best Coast trash talk, and the possibility of a naked Marnie Stern shoot for Red Bull.

What are you most excited about with the new record?

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