Tim Cohen of The Fresh & Onlys


Talking with the Bay Area darlings' front-dude Tim Cohen.


Kelsey Bryant | March 24, 2010

tim cohen

photo by Jenz

The Fresh & Onlys deserve to be Bay Area darlings. After making waves at San Francisco's Noise Pop Festival and Austin's epic SXSW – look no further than our Imposition – it won't be long until the rest of the country adores the F&Os. Last year the band defined prolific with two full lengths, a double disc solo from Tim Cohen and various 7″s. With an upcoming studio album and a national tour
with King Khan & the Shrines, the psychedelic freak-outs and
gritty melodies of this garage-rocking quintet are proving its tireless schedule is not a one-off explosion, but an extended takeover.

sat down with front-man, Tim Cohen, in a San Francisco coffee shop to
talk about the theories behind his music, his passion for hip hop and
the upcoming studio album that no one's had the privilege of hearing.

Let’s start from the beginning. How did the Fresh and Onlys get started?

The dude I started the band with had been doing similar stuff to me for years and years. We kind of grew up in a parallel existence. Somehow we met up here, working at [Amoeba Records] together.
I passed him songs that I recorded every so often and one time the
songs actually clicked with him and he took an active interest in
learning to play them.

We started recording together and that’s it. March of 2008 we started making songs together and never really stopped.

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