Sunday Premiere – Wooter “Finger”


Behold the Mind of Rowan Brind


Joseph Anthony Evans | November 26, 2017

Its time we all came out of hibernation this Sunday while Wooter serenades us with the release of the cover “Finger”. It was never a problem when it came to writing or producing for Brind, his passion for music has always been in his veins and every Sunday we get to hear something excitingly new and different.


Brind tells us more about the cover “Finger”

“So this is a Ty Segall cover of the song “Finger” off his album “Melted”. The reason I decided to throw this cover in is because when it comes to prolific songwriting and an expansive discography, Ty Segall is a fucking legend. And so with this song a week project, I thought it’d be fitting to pay tribute to him. But also when it comes to cover songs, I hate when someone covers the song in the exact same way. So I threw a little extra strange into the mix.”

Rowan puts his talent to the test and uses his superlative skill to deliver a one of a kind cover. Now, such a profound piece of music exists where we can see the true extent of Brinds powers as a musician. Ty Segall isn’t an easy artist to cover but we think its easy to say that Wooter has done it without tribulation. So let the magician do his work as he does the impossible to bring you his¬†sophisticated psychedelic sound.


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