VARSITY puts out the new single “Must Be Nice”

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Chicago based musicians VARSITY, originally formed and met in 2013 when several musicians and storytellers gathered for an event to share their ideas with others. Singer and keyboardist Stephanie Smith enjoyed the sounds that guitarists Dylan Weschler and Pat Stanton played and eventually invited them to play music with her. Eventually, the group put out their first EP in April 2014 which was recorded in the basement of Smith’s home. After success hit the group, their fan base significantly has grown to show over a million plays on Youtube and Spotify.

The artistic and contemporary sound that Varsity brings to our attention in “Must Be Nice” is unequivocally the sound of pure open-mindedness, added with their own unique flair of Indie/Pop. It is refreshing to hear that every member of this band is collaborating so smoothly and freely. We get to hear the full potential from these creative geniuses that you don’t hear anymore today in the Indie/Pop scene.

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