Pixx, The Age of Anxiety


Unique beats and dreamlike synths and percussion


Ian Schneider | June 8, 2017

Pixx, The Age of Anxiety [4AD]

21 year old British phenomenon Hannah Rodgers, better known as Pixx, has released her debut album The Age of Anxiety.  This project seems to have been driven by exactly what is in the title, anxiety, and the experiences of Pixx as a young person in the spotlight.  As one who suffered from nightmares as a child, Pixx was able to channel the haunting visuals to make intricate lyrical content for her experimental alternative pop music.

Pixx‘s beautiful vocals are laid over unique beats and dreamlike synths and percussion.  For someone who is so young, she is able to channel very mature thoughts and sounds into her music, something that is rarely achieved by today’s pop artists.  The trippy video for the first track on the album, titled “I Bow Down”, puts on display her creativity.  The video contains Pixx interacting with different singing statues of herself, all different with unique color schemes and internal components.  “To put a name on it, would be to nail the age of anxiety”, the beginning line in the song sets the tone for the entire album.  Every song is catchy, yet alludes to a bigger picture and gets the listener to think beyond the music.
For more information about Pixx, you can visit her Facebook page here, or you can check out her website.

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