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Black Lips
Chainletter Interviews

2014 SxSW Edition Pt.II with Black Lips, Mozes and the First Born, and Guantanamo Baywatch

Continuing the chain we laid in Austin.
Paper Plain

The patchwork storytelling of Rahill Jamalifard

Dreams of smoking opium in the mountains of Shiraz.

Silent Barn is back!

Are we selfish for being so happy it's close to our offices?

Ghetto Cross is back in action

Cole Alexander and Bradford Cox revive their '08 collaborative project.
Brooklyn Hater

Documenting and Celebrating Norton Records

25 years of documenting the last 50.
Brooklyn Hater

G-D, Allah, Acid Baby Jesus...

Finding my religion.
Brooklyn Hater

Long live King Louie

The Kevin Bacon of the American garage scene.

Black Lips, "Modern Art"

Dressin' up the scuzz in some sharp stunners and a ticket for the MTV news bus, maybe?
Just Heard

Black Lips announce Arabia Mountain

The death of lo-fi
Just Heard

Black Lips extend tour to the West Coast

Making the stretch.
Just Heard

Black Lips work with Mark Ronson, talk to Charles Manson

Which is more more blood curdling?
Just Heard

Thee Oh Sees west coast tour

Write another album already.

Who wants to win 75 new releases at once?

This retardedly huge hand out amounts to something in the ballpark of 75 pieces of vinyl, cassette, and CD, from the 75 artists represented in our Best of 2009 and Best of 2010 lists.
Just Heard

Black Lips vs. Wavves Fight!

Old Dudes

Rolling Stone makes me care a little less about Wavves