moon duo

Moon Duo, Occult Architecture Vol. 1

A cold bite to it not unlike the iciest of winds.

Moon Duo, ADVAETA, and Laced at Rough Trade NYC

Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada, a.k.a. Moon Duo, return to Brooklyn for a show at Rough Trade NYC.

Moon Duo, “Slow Down Low”

A cruiser-friendly track from the distinguished psych-rockers.

Moon Duo, “Animal”

Skateboarder Richie Jackson produces, directs, edits and stars.

Week in Pop: Anais Aida, Barbarian, Reighnbeau & BK Beats, Saskwatch

Featuring Au.Ra, Calypso, Isaac Rother, Jack Name, TWMTH, co-curated by Heems.

Week in Pop: Hills Like Elephants, Long Faces, Sun Voyager, Tattoo Money, Trak Joy

The Blind Shake, Captain Supernova, Death Records, Heavy Drag, J£zus Million, SmCity, co-curated by Surf Club

The Kills, Moon Duo, Nuns, and Slothrust at Bowery Ballroom

The Kills perform at a 500 person venue during this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.

SHOCKING! We caught these 11 bands wearing white pants before Memorial Day (you won't believe No. 6)

Doing God's (and grandma's) work.

Harvest Records celebrates its 10th anniversary with Transfigurations Festival

Go for the goodie bag, stay for the music.

Austin Psych Fest 2014 portraits

Portraits of the people who made Austin Psychfest one of the festivals to see in 2014.

Austin Psych Fest 2014: Day 2

The second day of Austin Psychfest with Morgan Delt, Unknwon Mortal Orchestra and more.

A history of the west with Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips

Recently moved to Portland, Johnson speaks on his new home and the legacy of Lou Reed.

Week in Pop: FI/SHE/S, Little Wings, Lotte Kestner, Manicorn, Neon Lips, Vast Aire

Space pop oddities, pop odysseys, premieres, and time capsule tapes.

The Best Music of October 2012

If football, The World Series, or the debates distracted you. Here's all you missed.

Moon Duo, Royal Baths and Degreaser at Knitting Factory

We went to Knitting Factory to check out Moon Duo, Royal Baths & Degreaser last week.

Moon Duo

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