Big Krit ft. Lloyd, “1999”

Andre G

Big Krit has long been looked at as an artist who harkens back to a time where soulful, introspective music was the norm in hip-hop. It still is in a sense, but most of the humility predominantly exists in the independent scene. In order for Krit to completely explore his creativity, he had to step away from Def Jam and embrace independence. That transition was pulled off flawlessly by virtue of his 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time project, a double album which sees him fulfill the promise he showed during his early aughts comeup.

Today, Krit debut a video for “1999,” one of the standout singles from the project. The video takes us back to a pre-millenial era, not just with the VHS camera shots and Juvenile-referencing hook, but with the fashion and cars shown off throughout the visual. The fisheye shots and vivid cinematography also celebrate the period during the fun, Lloyd-assisted track.

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