Deca, “Waiting”

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Denver born, New York-based rapper/producer Deca is gearing up to release his next album Forest Agates, a project dedicated to his brother. The project, his fifth, consists predominantly of instrumentals, but he chose two songs to rhyme over. One of those songs was his first single, “Waiting.”

Via e-mail, Deca waxes on the theme of “Waiting” in the context of his album:

It’s kind of an introduction to the major theme of the album that will follow up Forest Agates. It’s about being guided through life by something greater than your every day ego self. For me, that guiding principle is personified by a woman in my dreams and in my mind and has been since I was a kid. So she reveals to me that there’s much more to the world than society and it’s institutions would have us believe.

It’s also about where mankind stands as a species, our self destructive nature, and the chaotic times we’re living in. The manipulation and propaganda we’re force fed and trying to wade through all the bullshit to see it for what it truly is.

Lastly, it’s about goals and personal demons that can hold you back from achieving them.

The self-produced track looms in spiritual and introspective waters, as Deca waxes on his existence while traversing a mythical universe rife with “archetypal figures that shape shift and change face.” That lyric was the basis for “Waiting’s video,” which saw Deca return to the stop motion style that he used for videos from his previous The Ocean album.

Over e-mail, Deca told me it took him “a couple months” to craft the visual, which features faces and shapes made from flower petals. He didn’t mind the work, as he said the process was meditative. The iPhone-produced video is a result of Deca attempting to “sync the emotion of the images with the lyrics as much as possible.”

Deca hasn’t announced the date or name of the album to follow Forest Agates yet, but after a listen to “Waiting,” there may be many longing to continue existential exploration with him.

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