Impervious Machine, “Apples” (feat. Jack Wilson)


Not since we got booted from Eden have apples had such sinister connotation.


Blake Gillespie | October 30, 2014

The Karma Kids, a New York collective, have no awareness of the supposed pulse of New York rap or any cultural tectonic shifts of which they should adjust to. Whenever the crew appear in our Photos section, in small gathering rap shows or on the road to SxSW, the lasting impression is that these dudes don’t adhere to performance status quo either. In keeping with pissing on the Joneses lawn, Karma Kids introduce a project called Impervious Machine with the new single “Apples”.

The metaphor has been there since the Fall, and here we are in the eponymous month, questioning what in the hell Impervious Machine are trying to tell us with a refrain of “we ate too many apples / ate too many apples / it was great to feel empowered / now these shits is getting sour” to clips of the crew making bootleg cider and playing stickball with the market produce. The opportunity to stretch the meaning of “Apples” veers towards endless as it retains biblical context, MacGyver weed-bowl context, biting off too much of the Big Apple (you know the one), or simply the gastronomical effects from the acidity of consuming apples and only apples. So if you’re looking for an alternative text outside the curriculum to incorporate into your freshman English course, we suggest transcribing the words of Lt. Headtrip and Jack Wilson.

“Apples” is off an upcoming Impervious Machine record out November 18.

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