Kids and Chemicals, “Blue Eyed Girl”

Ian Schneider

The video for “Blue Eyed Girl” by Kids and Chemicals, is something to behold. The beautifully shot visual includes the Midwestern quartet from Springfield, Missouri. Elizabeth Carney, Patrick Carney, Jason Nunn, and Blake Mixon are seen performing the amazingly haunting (but upbeat and graceful at the same time) song in many different locations, such as a cityscape and what seems to be a storage container.

Lead vocalist Elizabeth Carney is shown riding around the city, belting the song while hanging out of a sunroof. This song contains the perfect mixture of alternative indie rock with electronic vibes. The reflective lyrics combined with the electronic rock makes for the best kind of head banging music there is.

For more information about Kids and Chemicals, you can visit their Bandcamp page or check out their Facebook.

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