Wooter Presents “After Hours” – Sunday Premiere


The newest from Wooter as he sends us on a visual and emotional roller coaster ride.


Impose Automaton | October 29, 2017

With Halloween right around the corner there is no better time to present this weekends work of art by New York based artist Wooter. He has been releasing a new song every Sunday in 2017 as part of a six album project. The talented Rowan Brind tells us that he has always been a writer, that it came very genuinely. As far as this year’s worth of written music, each album has its own inspiration.

There isn’t ever any disappointment from each song we hear as Wooter¬† presents different elements and genres, as he brings something new and unique to our ears each Sunday. From the brilliant album “Credits” which has been the most abstract work of art we have seen this month, comes a song called “After Hours”. In the video, there’s madness and beauty that is correlative to all of us in a way. You will find that the meaning is hidden, as you will see tragedy and comedy, both which play a role in our everyday lives.

Director – Rowan Brind
Camera Operator – Ian Groueff
Actors – Rowan Brind & Laurice Von Pier



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