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Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Her Skin

Introducing Sara Ammendolia of Her Skin; photographed Martina Bertacchi.

Sara Ammendolia just released the album Find a Place to Sleep under the moniker of Her Skin through the illustrious imprint We Were Never Being Boring. The Modena, Italy based artist pens music that entertains aspects of thought & desire through honest song. The places in our hearts & souls where we keep our inmost feelings are strummed out in minimalist nu-folk ballads that offer senses of comfort & peace amid the tumult & turbulence found in our collective lives & times.
The opener “Prickly Pear” gently muses about our own natural defenses that we put up to protect ourselves. Guitar strings & vocals fill the ambient & intimately sparse atmospheres, as deep life & circumstantial reflections are surveyed in “Nameless Morning”, to the pastoral/floral trimmings of “Cut out the Flowers” where nostalgia & hope run free as thoughtful ballads. Subtle haunted country twang echoes on “Hayley”, the romantic reflection strums of “Sink Into You” illustrate the feeling of falling in love (and out of love), that sails into the personal examinations on the minimalist baroque of “Self-Portrait”. Glances & analyses of attraction sway forward on “Eyes and Ice”, the uplifting & angelic hop-along progressions of “Angles”, that deep breaths of “Lungs”, ending with “À Demain” that sends out thoughtful inquires while holding tight to the endearing moments that bring us infinite comfort.

Sara shared the following exclusive insights about meanings behind “Cut Out the Flowers”:

“Cut Out the Flowers” is about a loving heart and an open wound. It’s also about the willingness to stop not feeling enough. I wrote this song a long time ago and it’s still one my favorites. It’s about being in a relationship with someone that doesn’t love you anymore. You often try to make things work even though you know it’s over. Sometimes you have to go back to realize that the things you love can also be your favorite things to lose. It takes a strong person to carry gentleness.

Her Skin’s Find a Place to Sleep is available now via We Were Never Being Boring.