Week in Pop: Emotional, OHMSLICE, The Sour Notes, Stanley

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers

Branches Breeze

From the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada—meet the mystic & cryptic ethereal world of branches breeze that caught our attention recently with their new single “New Horizons”. As expressed in their sound, the group dabbles in an art pop that emphasizes every note & harmonic utterance to conjoin together as a bonded aesthetic. Making music to match the motions of their own lives like a reflective mirror, branches breeze described their mantra with the following:

Our goal is to create a running journal of music.
Our recordings are snapshots of the ongoing songs that flow through our lives.

“New Horizons” illustrates branches breeze embarking upon new experiences, realizations & more like hiking upward toward new elevations & heightened atmospheric levels. From sustains applied to the keys with echoes fluttering between the chord progressions; branches breeze encapsulate everything from the triumph of conquering over human struggles to those pangs of anxious expectation that await all who cross over that proverbial threshold for a new opportunity of life advancement/life event/etc. Branches Breeze introduced us to the creation of “New Horizons” via the following reflections:

The lyrics were a part of the inspiration going into the production of this song. We wanted it to feel wavy and to flow like rivers into lakes.

Listen to more from branches breeze via Soundcloud.