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Emmett McCleary

Getting to know Montreal's own Emmett McCleary; press photo courtesy of the artist.
Getting to know Montreal’s own Emmett McCleary; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Introduce yourself to Montreal’s Emmett McCleary who recently released the single “Dream Lover” this past year years that basks in the reverie and glow of something/someone that feels like an entity seen amid the workings of a daydream. Known for releasing cycles of sentiments sewn through songs released under the moniker of Easter., Emett has been practicing the art of producing poignant pieces of adventurous pop that gets you thinking & feeling about things that perhaps you haven’t experience in a long time, or never before until now.
On the single “Dream Lover’, McCleary employs all the tactful power pop track-tricks that have inspired numerous new schools of plush, mood molding sounds & legions of sentimental troubadours. Infatuated expressions are illustrated in big production values of pure balladeering that illustrates all involved emotions with the utmost of sophisticated execution/delivery. This is the song that has it all; from lovely melodies and harmonies that blend in with the rhythm organ & a whole lot more-Emmett wins the hearts, minds & ears with an earnest degree of sincerity that will keep your senses reeling for more interpretations of desires & dreams. Read our interview with Emmett featured after the following listen & jump.

Describe for us your earliest experiences with experimenting with sounds & songs.
I recorded my first song when I was four – it was called “Rock Out of Your Pants,” and it consisted of me shouting “rock out of your pants” over a lot of synthesizers. Dad mixed it and played all the instruments.
How did Easter. first begin, and what sorts of creative adjustments have you made between Easter. and work under your name?
I started Easter. for a senior year project in high school. I think I chose that name because I wanted to create some distance between myself and the music I was writing, but at this point I’m comfortable enough with it to put my real name behind it. There hasn’t been a huge evolution between the two names – the “Emmett McCleary” stuff is definitely more carefully produced than the “Easter.” stuff, but both fit pretty well within a lineage of pop songwriting.
“Dream Lover” is a near perfect timeless treasure. We want to know how you made such a serene gem.
Wow, thank you! I guess I had a balanced breakfast that morning.
What’s good in MTL right now?
The eggs florentine at Bagels Etc. is really good! As far as music, the influx of Newfoundlanders has been great for the scene – BBQT and Fog Lake are my current faves.
What’s on your music/movie/book queue at this moment in time?
Music: Ravyn Lenae
Movie: “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl”
Book: “How Should A Person Be?” by Sheila Heti
What are you the most excited for and/or about in 2017?
Further frontal lobe development, as with every year. I’ve also heard tell of a Joy Scouts EP, which has me very excited.
Next moves for Emmett McCleary?
You can see me with Sun Astronauts and J Bengoy at Le Cagibi (Montreal) on January 14! Beyond that, expect an east coast tour in February and a full-length LP/tour in May.