Wet Hot American Summer Edition


As we wind our way through the summer, the weather may be getting cooler but the raps are just as hot. Below, the scorching lines of the week — bring your sunscreen!

5. “Ted DiBiase with my pothead posse/Jet Life all day, money green Monopoly” — Curren$y, 'Ox' lyrics
Spitta brings it, as ever, on this latest release. And longtime readers will know that there is no surer way to end up in LOTW than to mention a 1980's WWF wrestler. We find it both nostalgic and hilarious.

4. “I've got a thunder trunk/I keep coughing 'cause I smoke thunder skunk/I've got the lightning dick, I need thunder cunt/And I dare any one of y'all niggas to mess with Texas — Texas gon' fuck you up” — Z-Ro, 'Cup Up Top Down' lyrics
We are huge fans of Houston's Z-Ro, who in a just world would be as popular as Tupac — he shares Pac's emotional power and chemistry. This lighthearted series of jokes here show off the less-serious (but equally well-thought-out and engaging) side of his personality.

3. “Half your brain cells are dormant 'cause they told her you can't use 'em/We dependent on computers 'cause they trying to make us stupid” — Angel Haze, 'New Slaves Freestyle' lyrics
With the recent unveiling of the NSA's ability to see everything we do online in real time, this rhyme feels incredibly urgent. Angel gets to the dark heart of the digital revolution in only a few well-chosen words.

2. “The uncooked flesh that I eat was prepared in demonic boil/Bile encapsulated in vials and mixed with cemetery soil” — Chino XL, 'Looking For Trouble' lyrics
For those who thought that horrorcore passed on after the last Gravediggaz album, Chino is here to revive your spirits. Somehow, this rapid-fire couplet manages to be both intimidating and funny.

1. “Look, I believe in the Second Amendment, but not an AK with a clip that's extended/What's that gon' do, protect you from the government's F-16s, submarines, and the other shit?” — Murs, 'No War' lyrics
Gun control is one of those thorny issues that makes us glad we're not career politicians who have to have a firm stance. Folks all around are adamant, and often speak in sweeping generalities. Murs takes an opportunity to inject a bit of harsh reality into the often lofty debate.