Die Orangen – Zwei Orangen

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Daring electronic-rockers unleash stunning new album

It’s been two years since Die Orangen graced the underground scene with their daring debut album Zest, and the online world was alerted to their name in ingenious style.

The Australian duo have now returned with an equally forward-thinking and obscure album Malka Tuti. The duo are known for merging field recordings and unique samples of everyday objects into the mesh of forward thinking electronic-rock music. However, on the new album, the ambient textures and field recordings take a back-seat to shredding guitar riffs in a more songwriting-focused approach.

Collaborating with Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma), Alex Akers (Forces) and Hayley Morgan, Die Orangen have expanded the record to include a number of different sounds and styles. It’s an album with incredible craftsmanship from two musicians at the absolute top of their game. Listen below via Soundcloud.