Guest List: Convey

If you’ve been looking to fill that Mars Volta-sized crater in your heart, look no further than LA-based rockers Convey. Their new single, “Terror,” marks a re-birth for the band as they took the time to really hammer down their path forward and the proof is in the sonic pudding. With propulsive guitars and a vocal hooks, you’ll be hard pressed getting “Terror” out of your head while simultaneously nodding it.

“This song is about dwelling within your own fear and paranoia,” Convey shares. “Ultimately, by the end of the track, we’ve symbiotically come to terms with this paranoia without trying to see past it. Ed Shiers nailed it with his narrative in the video, perfectly tapping into the relentlessly frenetic pace of the music.”

To celebrate the release of “Terror,” we had Convey share five songs they’ve been digging lately. Check it all out below.

Holy Wars – “Born Dark”

Kat Leon and Nick Perez have created a monster in Holy Wars. This band is about to blow up. It’s dark, gothic pop with a punk rock attitude and we’re here for it. This new single was produced by Hunter Burgan of AFI and it perfectly encapsulates what makes Holy Wars so rad.

gP. – “Memorandum”

We are going on tour with these guys next month and couldn’t be more stoked. There’s a RX Bandits meets The Receiving Ends of Sirens meets Thrice vibe going on but they really put their own unique modern spin on the genre. Catch us sharing a stage with them starting 11/16.

Vespera – “Deafening, Dissonant”

I forget how we discovered these guys, but they’re such a killer band and I’m always surprised that more people haven’t heard of them. Jonathan Wolfe (ex-Slaves, Dayshell) is a hell of a vocalist and the Deftones-esque heaviness is on full display here. Plus, they filmed the video for this track in a god damn abandoned nuclear reactor!

Badflower – “Ghost”

Badflower is crushing it right now. “Ghost” is #1 at Active Rock radio and they just blew everyone away on James Corden. They’re heading out on tour with The Wrecks in November and Nothing More in 2019 so they’re only going to get bigger. Catch them now so you can say you saw them when.

The Parlor Mob – “Setting With The Sun”

We’re so pumped these guys are back. Their sound has changed a bit working with Grammy winning producer Malay (Frank Ocean, ZAYN) but the exceptional songwriting and musicianship is still on display. Check these guys out when we play with them at Bootleg Theater in LA on 11/15. Get tickets here.