Macajey, Surfing The Air

Photo Credit: Ruudu Rahumaru

Macajey is Jeremy Macachor–a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter based in Tartu (Estonia) by way of San Francisco’s Bay Area. His new album, Surfing The Air, maps the mental and emotional journey he experienced as he adjusted to life in a new country so far from home, and we’re excited to premiere the album today at Impose.

One could imagine standing in front of a giant Impressionist painting as album opener “Forests” begins, conjuring images of water and light through subtle textures suffused with instrumental color. The title track immediately follows, and the album opens with it like a morning glory.

“Do You Have Fire?” was inspired by a phrase many Estonians use when asking for a light; “It’s about the feeling of sharing and giving to each other when it’s really, really cold out,” Macajey says. “There’s another Estonian saying that goes, ‘A flame doesn’t lose to share,’ meaning, you can take one candle and light a hundred more with it and the original won’t lose its own flame.”

Album standout “About Face” serves as a fantastic centerpiece, with twinkling, distorted piano keys front and center as Macajey proclaims, “When you’re banging your head against the wall, make an about face and f— it all.”

The album ranges from energetic, feel-good dance sounds to transcendental, sonic meditations–sometimes both–with a steady, harmonious flow. Each song is infused with the landscape tones of Macajey’s two home bases: the dry, mirage laden heat of California summers and the dim lit winters of Estonia. It’s a gorgeous, densely colorful album that serves as a pivotal turning point for an immensely talented artist–both personally and for his career.

Surfing The Air is out Friday. You can pre-order it via Macajey’s Bandcamp.