Aimée Steven – “Today”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Liverpudlian songwriter shares hazy & dreamy indie gem

Liverpool is a city that is rich with musical heritage. And though at the moment it’s a community experiencing hardship through the closure of live music venues, there’s still a spirited response from the next generation of the music community. 

One artist who’s championing the fight back with incredible music is Aimée Steven. A prolific songwriter from the North of England, Steven spent her time during lockdown honing her musical craft and building her fanbase online. She’s also embraced opportunities to perform for the women’s empowerment campaign Generation W and global charity NPH USA’s appeal to support vulnerable children in South America during the pandemic.

Now fast becoming known as one of the most exciting names in the local scene, Aimee is looking to take her sound further. Her new single “Today” represents an evolution in her sound: rich in reverb-drenched guitar layers and a thick ’80s production haze. It’s a real throwback of an indie gem, with a distinctly forward-thinking approach.

“I wrote ‘Today’ thinking about how completely and utterly fragile our time is in this world and how important it is that we share that time with people we love,” Steven shared. “It came pretty easy once I had that emotion to draw upon, I thought of a number of people in my life whilst writing and once the verses were nailed down the chorus rushed out of me. ‘Today’, now, the present… because tomorrow and yesterday don’t really exist.”

Give it a spin below.