Alexander Lynch with the track "Wine Drunk"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

In the upper peninsula of Michigan, Alexander Lynch was born and raised in the small town of Norway. At just the age of 10 years old he was already performing around the city making his name known early on. But it wasn’t until 23 years old when he finally got the chance to move away from his miniature lifestyle to the Grand Rapids where he released his first EP “Love Lives” with the help from producer Ryan McCarthy. While currently living in Detroit he has become strongly involved in the indie music scene and has picked himself up more live shows across the state of Michigan.

Currently, he is working at the recording space residence Assemble Sound and is writing new music that he will release at the beginning of 2018. Here is Lynch with some words about his new track,

Wine Drunk is a story about recalling past emotional experiences through the filter of intoxication and isolation. It touches on several moments of regret in my life in a sort of self-deprecating cocktail. It’s taking all of the decisions I’m not proud of and holding myself accountable for them. It’s a reminder to me that I’ve made mistakes that have affected me deeply, but that they aren’t what defines me. You can make mistakes and feel human while not letting it break you. You can be empathetic and you can grow to be better. Forgiveness in yourself is always possible

“Wine Drunk” is the cabochon hidden deep indside all of our hearts, just waiting to break out. The haunting and mind dazing vocals is what really captures the beauty of this heart paralyzing track.