Angusraze – What Are We

Post Author: Aidan Grant

A Truly Bold and Innovative New Artist from Kent-Based Producer.

Born in Yorkshire and now residing in the south of the UK, Producer and songwriter Angusraze refuses to fit into any kind of genre-box. Touching on the sonic styles of Death Grips and Xiu Xiu, he’s a truly unique and daring artist with an innovative flair.

Working with UK Label Painted Halo Records, he’s found the perfect platform to innovate and explore the layers of his creativity. Breaking on to the scene with ‘Unlawful’, the first single from his new album – he’s following up with an equally boundary-breaking take. ‘What We Are’ utilizes elements of grime and industrial techno to make something more powerful than both. On the new single, the artist states:

 “It’s basically connected to Unlawful in the sense that it revolves around the same character, with Unlawful the explosive result of corruption and poisonous violence, and What Are We as a precursor for this moment, as the still-conscious character starts to question the negative instances around them. Throughout the song, the vocal becomes more unhinged and somewhat spliced together to reflect the shift.”