Belle Mt Pays Tribute to Leonard Cohen with Stunning Single

Belle Mt. are a three-piece from London, founded by lead singer and songwriter Matt Belmont. The band formed during a period of withdrawal from live shows for Matt, where he dedicated himself to songwriting, beginning a journey musically and geographically. The journey ended up in the foothills of the French alps, where the surroundings inspired his new direction of stunning, cinematic sounds.

His work led him to meet grammy award winning producer Femke Wildman from Nashville, the two would soon go on to work together frequently and develop a harmonious style of ethereal production and stunning songwriting.

The latest track to come from the working relationship, is one that’s inherently close to Matt’s heart. It’s a heart-wrenching tribute to Leonard Cohen 2 years after his passing, that encapsulates all that the great songwriter was. On the track, Matt states

“we wrote Hydra together in the space of a few hours. It was almost 18 months before I got the band into the studio in Nashville to track it with our producer ’Femke’, she crafted this captivating and epic orchestral arrangement and production around what we’d put down. I’m not ashamed to say that we’re all so very proud of this track and hope that it serves as a tribute and another signpost towards Cohens stunning body of work.”