Blu and Exile announce Below The Heavens prequel

Post Author: Andre G

Hip-hop is at the stage where every year is an important anniversary of a classic album. It’s LA MC Blu’s turn at the plate, as he and producer Exile’s Below The Heavens classic made its mark ten years ago. It seems like yesterday that Blu came out of nowhere to drop a soulful, conflicted, rigidly honest album that in some ways felt like a West Coast answer to early Nas‘ storytelling prowess.
How will he and Exile commemorate the occasion? By doing it all over. The duo announced a prequel to Below The Heavens, a swathe of previously unreleased tracks from those classic recording sessions. The project is set to drop October 20th.
Exile notes that the original recording process for the project bloomed “40 plants,” and even though these particular tracks didn’t make the album, “that doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful.” To give fans a taste of what to expect, they dropped the rambunctious “Constellations,” which you can listen to below.