Brainstory, "Moth Love"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Brainstory, the trio from Rialto, CA made up of Kevin Martin, Tony Martin and Eric Hagstrom, is releasing their self-titled five song mini album this month.  “Moth Love” is the first single from that effort.
With a mix of all things musical, “Moth Love” is a song that changes with the mood of the listener. “Moth Love” was an energetic anthem during one listen and a calming tune during another listen.  Although their music is self-described as “Psychedelic Jazz Pop”, it is much more than a label.  You can hear the deep jazz influences in the melody and instrumental work.  Brainstory is proud of the use of psychedelic as an adjective and wants us to throw away the preconceived idea of the word.  Instead, they want to “remind audiences that psychedelic music is aimed at freeing the mind and soul to explore the depths of existence in this vast universe of being.”
Brainstory has definitely created music that is different and new – isn’t the discovery why we love music?

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