Broken Back shares intimate and colourful acoustic performance of ‘Young Love’

Once a young French entrepreneur, Jérôme Fagnet had to reevaluate his life when misfortune struck, his back gave out and he was confined to a bed for the foreseeable future. During his recovery, he took to music as solace and thus Broken Back was born. With his unique French flair coloured by African inspired rhythms, his work carried a certain ‘Je ne said quoi’, and rapidly caught ears and turned heads globally with viral success.

His recovery coupled with the reception of his creativity inspired a rejuvenated positivity, which became his epitaph. Mere seconds into the acoustic version of recent track Young Love and the positivity is irrefutable and contagious. Wonderfully shot in a striking set, Broken Back’s affinity for self-expression through songwriting is crystal clear. Tune in below.