Cambriana, “Center of the Universe” + “Lucifer”

Brazilian indie rockers Cambriana have announced their first album in 6 years, Manaus Vidaloka, to be released on August 24th. The new LP takes the band in an earthier, more complex direction, incorporating native Brazilian styles as well as afrobeat and chimurenga into their dreamy, guitar driven soundscapes.

Ahead of Manaus Vidaloka, Cambriana have already shared “Center of The Universe,” a subdued track that turns into a psychedelic trip around the galaxy with blaring guitars and alien flourishes, as well as “Lucifer,” a cheeky, more acoustic song that frontman Luis Calil says is, “meant to be sensual, yet profane and funny. It uses the fall of the angel Lucifer as a metaphor on ‘going down,’ and mocks how certain religious traditions demonize non procreation sex as sin.”

Watch the video for “Center of the Universe” and stream “Lucifer” on Spotify below: