CARR – TV Boyfriends

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Los Angeles indie slacker-rocker drops powerful new LP

American slacker-indie rocker CARR has been blowing us away with her songwriting style and no-fucks-given attitude with her past couple singles “Sarasota” and “Bed Head.” Now she’s dropped her full-length release TV Boyfriends and we’re happy to report it’s more of the same. The L.A.-based songwriter details her experiences with now-famous exes, and how the experience developed from angsty text messages, to full blown arguments, and ending with bitter resentment. 

“This one is dedicated to two different people I used to know. It worked out though, I get to see them on my TV screen all the time,” she shared.

Throughout the album, we’re never given the full details of names or identities, but we can all sympathize with the feeling of trying to break contact with someone you’re forced to watch every day. CARR handles it with typical candor, channeling the feeling through epic pop-punk and psychedelic songwriting. 

You can give CARR’s full album TV Boyfriends below: